Smudges Driving You Crazy? Keychain Glasses Cloth To The Rescue!

Sick of digging through your bag for a cloth every time your glasses get smudgy? Our keychain glasses cloth is like a loyal buddy, hanging right on your keys, ready to jump into action whenever you need it.

How To Use This Cleaning Cloth?

The glasses cleaning cloth measures 6 inches by 7 inches(of course we can customize the size). The cool part is that it rolls up into a small 2-inch square pocket. You need to pull it gently to take out the microfiber cloth. After use, just push it back into the bag for easy storage.

Keychain Glasses Cloth

Small carry pocket keeps cloth clean.With it you can quickly wipe away the dirt on the lenses, even the dirt on the lenses of mobile phones, computers, and cameras.

Keychain Glasses Cloth

What’S Special About This Keychain Glasses Cloth?

  • Excellent Cleaning Performance: It uses ultra-soft microfiber, this glasses cleaning cloth acts like a gentle giant when wiping away dirt and fingerprints. The glasses cloth can effectively remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, oil, water stains, and more. Without harming your delicate lenses, so you can clean with confidence.
Keychain Glasses Cloth
  • Use Anytime, Anywhere: The mini size is just enough to carry in your purse. The bag has a clip that can be attached anywhere. You can clip it to your backpack, purses, belt, or even your smartphone.

Don’t let stains drive you crazy – use our keychain eyeglass cloths to make cleaning a breeze and enjoy clear vision on the go! Contact us and we will provide you with the most professional customized services.

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