30pcs/Box Optical Glasses Anti-Fog Clean Wet Wipes

The 30pcs/box optical glasses anti-fog clean wet wipes is portable,quick drying and durable.

Color  White with transfer printing logo
Material Non woven
Size 15*12cm,customized
Weight 60g/box
Feature Eco-friendly, Anti-fog, Customized Design

Our 30pcs/box optical glasses anti-fog clean wet wipes your go-to solution for keeping your eyewear crystal clear and fog-free! These convenient wipes are specially designed to provide a quick and effective cleaning experience, ensuring that your glasses stay smudge-free and fog-resistant throughout the day.

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  1. Say goodbye to foggy lenses with our innovative anti-fog formula. These wipes create a protective barrier on your glasses, preventing fog buildup and ensuring clear vision even in challenging conditions.
  2. Each box contains 30 individually wrapped wipes, making them perfect for use at home, in the office, or while traveling. Slip a few wipes into your bag or pocket for convenient access whenever you need to refresh your glasses.
  3. Our wipes are gentle enough to use on all types of lenses, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, and even camera lenses. You can trust that your eyewear will be treated with care and precision.
Product Type 30pcs/Box Optical Glasses Anti-fog Clean Wet Wipes
Edge Style Square Edge
Logo Printing Custom
MOQ  500 boxes
Packing  30pcs/box
Usage  1. Clean the lens with lens frame glasses cleaning solution.2. Dry the lens with ordinary microfiber mirror cloth.
3. Polish the lens with anti-fog mirror cloth; wipe the lens once for 15 days.
4. Run out of anti-fog mirror cloth. Please keep it sealed.

Anti-Fog Clean Wet Wipes Anti-Fog Clean Wet Wipes Anti-Fog Clean Wet Wipes Anti-Fog Clean Wet Wipes Anti-Fog Clean Wet Wipes




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