Zipper Closure Glasses Pouch


The raw material of zipper closure glasses pouch is an environmentally friendly material that has been commonly used since ancient times: felt.

Nine reasons to choose felt

Anti-static, anti-mildew, anti-deformation, recyclable, washable, non-fading, heat-resistant, shock-absorbing, breathable!

Color Red,Blue,Black,Grey Or Customized
Material  Felt
Size Customized Size
Feature Anti-Static, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Deformation, Recyclable

The zipper closure glasses pouch uses environmentally friendly material: felt. It is anti-static, anti-mildew, anti-deformation, recyclable and washable.

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A: Felt is made from twisted wool fibers in boiling soapy water. After drying or flattening, the felt becomes tough and durable.

B: Felt is also made of cow hair or fiber.

C: The main feature is flexibility. If you need shockproof, sealing, lining and elastic wire felt material, you can use it.

Felt is a new type of recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Felt material is friendly, soft, insulating, flexible, durable and recyclable. It has become a material that designers actively pay attention to.

Zipper Closure Glasses Pouch Zipper Closure Glasses Pouch

Our advantage:

This Felt Glasses Pouch has neat stiches and metal spring closure. It is easy to open and close.You can use it to store many things.

A: Rich production experience: We specialize in the development of glasses cloth and related products, and have 15 years of rich production experience.

B: Complete production equipment: We have advanced production equipment to produce products that meet customer requirements. Our technicians will regularly maintain these machines to ensure their normal operation.

C: High-quality raw materials: We strictly select raw materials, and skilled technical workers ensure that the product quality is consistently high.

D: Strict physical and chemical testing procedures: meet the requirements of product design and process, and provide reliable test data.

E: Short delivery time: We have sufficient production capacity and can control the delivery time quickly and efficiently.

F: Safe packaging: Use suitable packaging to cope with long-distance transportation.

G: The best after-sales service: more than 60% of the products won the praise of customers!




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