How To Solve Fogging Of Glasses In Winter?

How many times during the cold winter months have you walked into a cozy, warm room or taken a sip of a steaming drink, only to have your glasses instantly fog up? Especially now that masks and face shields have become the norm and fogging is an everyday danger, you really need an anti-fog microfiber glasses cloth.

How Does This Glasses Cloth Make It Anti-Fog?

Microfiber material is hygroscopic. Here’s the neat thing: Microfiber cloths work by minimizing surface tension, thus preventing condensation. Anti-fog properties prevent lenses from fogging by forming a film of water instead of individual water droplets.

anti-fog microfiber glasses cloth

What Other Advantages Does It Have?

anti-fog microfiber glasses cloth

How To Use Anti-Fog Microfiber Glasses Cloth For?

Clean your glasses before using it. Wipe your glasses gently but apply slight pressure with the anti-fog cloth. Blow into your polished glasses to make sure they don’t fog up. When the anti-fog function becomes weak, please wipe again.

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