Tired Of Carrying Bulky Cleaning Kits? Try The Drawstring Microfiber Glasses Pouch

Are you tired of wasting time switching between cleaning and storing your glasses? Worried about lugging bulky cleaning supplies around? Simplify your daily life quickly with a drawstring microfiber glasses pouch. Let’s see what’s so magical about it?

How Does This Glasses Pouch Kill Two Birds With One Stone?

  • The vast majority of lens scratches occur when you are not wearing your glasses. Protect your valuable glasses with a soft microfiber bag that will protect your lenses from scratches. The drawstring closure design also ensures the safety of the glasses.
  • Want to clean your lenses? Stop using your T-shirt filled with abrasive materials. You just need to clean your glasses directly using the inside of the microfiber bag. Because microfiber is highly absorbent, it removes lint and dust.

What Other Unique Designs Does It Have?

  • This microfiber glasses pouch is a must-have for glasses and sunglasses lovers. The pouch is sized to fit most safety glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses, but not necessarily large goggles.
Drawstring Microfiber Glasses Pouch
  • With its soft interior, this glasses bag is also perfect for storing your jewelry or small accessories before they get damaged while traveling.
Drawstring Microfiber Glasses Pouch
  • Our drawstring microfiber glasses pouch is 100% reusable. Its lint-proof plush material is heat-treated for maximum durability. You can put it in the washing machine 100 times and it will still look like new.
Drawstring Microfiber Glasses Pouch

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